Doing Good - New Rules of Corporate Responsibility

About the Book Doing Good New Rules of Corporate Responsibility

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Ethics. Accountability. Sustainability. Governance. Diversity. Citizenship. Philanthropy. Privacy. Customers, shareholders, institutional  investors, activists, policymakers and the media today are deeply concerned about the behavior, policies and practices of corporations. Our society has developed high, and perhaps unreasonable, expectations of the private sector. We expect companies not only to provide quality products and services, but also to compete globally and be exemplary corporate citizens.  We want them to protect the environment, build roads, fight corruption, advance human rights, support the arts, and contribute to local communities at the same time.  In short, we want corporations to do well and do good.   In Doing Good, lawyer, professor and business strategist, Adonis Hoffman, lays out 55 simple rules corporations and business leaders can follow to prove their character and conscience in today's demanding consumer climate. Chapter-by-chapter, Doing Good makes the path to corporate responsibility plain and clear. Companies who want to reap the rewards of such a reputation can just follow the rules.

Doing Good makes a simple, but compelling, case for a new path to corporate responsibility, especially for large publicly traded companies who have unique opportunities and resources to help build a better humanity. Seasoned with practical, common-sense, advice from notable business, political and cultural leaders, Doing Good is a must read for anyone who cares about the increasingly important role of corporations in today's society. 

Adonis Hoffman book Doing Good New Rules of Corporate Responsibility